How To Lose Body Fat Easily? 3 Simple Steps You Don’t Know


The current lifestyle imposes us to have a hectic work life parallel managing family and societal relationships. The result: You end up being overweight by eating more and finding less time to do enough exercise.

You remind yourself that you need to lose body fat and get into proper shape for your summer trip or to put on your beach wear like a typical New Year resolution but in reality you never actually able to transform yourself what you wished for.

lose body fat easily

This article will help you achieve that weight loss possible by following our simple three step process.

Lose Body Fat – How to Achieve that?

You need to be aware of the science behind how your body works and store fat and how to incorporate diet habits accordingly.

First and Foremost you need to prepare your mind and heart to come in terms with your cravings, hunger problems and treat your body with utmost care.

You are probably reading this article because you seriously want to have a better body! Let’s then take the pledge, that what will make or break your body is your metal preparedness to change.

Yes. You heard it right. It is the mind that controls the body and makes the body gain that extra fat. 

Once you know, it is all in the way you think, dealing with the issue of “lose body fat” is going to be easier than ever.

Remember, habits are not your nature. So there are few things I will discuss in this article that are essential and you will have to do it in order to lose body fat.

Without much ranting, let’s get into the solutions.


It is a great myth that most people seek quicker solutions to lose body fat and be done with it for a life time.  It actually doesn’t pay you at all in the long term.

You will end being caught in the lose-body-fat- circle without ever seeing visible results of losing weight permanently.

So the best proven method is to understand that it is a lifetime process, with consistent focus on your side to have a better toned body for a life time.

3 Simple Steps to Lose Body Fat permanently:

Simply do these three things to lose body fat:

Step ONE:

Understand the science behind caloric consumption and the energy expenditure for the calorie you consumed.

Buy a food journal and make it a habit to write down how much calorie you consumed and how much calorie you loss (energy expenditure) in the initial stages of weight loss regime.

This step is absolutely crucial because these numbers tell exactly what your body is doing with the calories.

For example, if you intake 2000 calories a day (breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner), your energy expenditure should be above 2000 calories. You are creating a calorie deficit, thus always maintaining your desired weight.

Once you inculcate this calculation process as your second nature, you can control your amount of body fat properly.

In short, you can shape your “lose-body-fat” in the way you want it to be. You can even buy a Fat Loss Monitor at Amazon ( Best Seller) to measure accurately body fat weight and percentage.


Exercise day in and day out. There are no short cuts. You need to understand that work out is one sure short method to lose body fat permanently.

The safe lose body fat way, begin to train yourself towards a high intensity interval exercise.

By following this step, you will burn hard fats with twice as much calories plus you will feel better and look better always.

Further, working out at higher threshold gives you life extending benefits and protect your body from all major diseases.


The most vital and the final step is to remove the sluggish attitude of mind and start doing right now Step 1 (eating in proportion thereby creating a calorie deficit) and Step 2 ( do enough exercise).

Procrastination and lack of mental preparation is what I find most people find as the biggest obstacle ever that comes in losing body fat.

Knowing inwardly the true meaning of what it takes to lose body fat requires full acceptance, open mind, willingness to change and most importantly get into action.